Black Americans Warn Ghanaians Not To Take The Covid-19 Vaccines


There was news directly from a newspaper from America telling the citizens to stay away from Ghanaian because Ghana is considered and rated 4 stars out of 4, which means Ghana is a very high risk when it comes to Corona spread.

Conclusively the Americans want to stay away from Ghanaians. When the vaccines were introduced in the country, most people are hesitating not to take the vaccine and thus they don't trust the source of the Vaccine.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are taking vaccines to protect themselves from such a pandemic. When UNICEF began such an exercise, most people condemned the taking of the Covid 19 vaccines. After taking the vaccine, a card is given to you to show that you have taken the vaccine and that you are protected.

Now that the President of Ghana has taken the vaccine, most Ghanaians have gotten the courage to take the vaccine whilst other people remained unmoved with their decisions.

Now see some comments of some Citizens of Ghana on the UNICEF page after the vaccination:

What is your opinion on this topic?. Should Ghanaians take the vaccine or not. Are you going to take the vaccine?.

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