Pictures That Made Me Ask Myself: But Why?

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You may have witnessed some bizarre behavior on your everyday commute or when moving from one location to another. For example, eating a large number of burgers at the same time or doing a dangerous stunt. Some of them are amusing, while others are downright bizarre.

We've decided to offer you some of the most ludicrous things we've found on the internet. We've compiled a list of the most bizarre clicks ever seen on the internet.

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1. Get out of here, truck; you're inebriated.

2. I'm Groot's half-brother.

3. India is a dangerous place to wear flip-flops.

4. There are 101 different ways to break your jaw.

6. The concept of the hot chick is taken to a whole new level:

7. This is how British people eat a banana. So refined...

8. Nic Cage retired after this one.

9. Presenting DJ Trash Metal

10. So, the next time your child inquires about where... oh, never mind.

11. I'm not even interested in hearing an explanation for this one.

12. Houston's parents are a cool couple.

13. How much do you like meat, on a scale of 1 to "I'd wear it to work"?

14. This is how you can fool yourself into thinking you know what you're doing in Photoshop.

15. She says, "I appreciate boys who are good cooks."

Me: You don't have to say anything else.

16. Crush: Tonight, I'm going to pick up a hot girl in high heels.


17. And that's how you make beans out of an apple:

18. Don’t ask us why.

19. My mother requested that I prepare breakfast. I had everything down to a tee, literally.

20. How to tell if you're a taxi driver who's made it big:

21. "I had to explain to my grandmother that a USB stick does not require charging."

22. Remove it from the list.

23. Eight-pack shortcut

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