Dr. Olukoya Reveals 7 Steps To Break Evil Covenants Successfully

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The general overseer of Mountain of Fire and miracle ministry, Dr Daniel Olukoya has exposed how to know if you are in satanic covenant and key steps to break Satanic covenants. I believe that the cleric does this to help those that are under bondage to the devil to regain freedom. He conveyed these key steps through today's devotional.

How do you know that you are under an evil covenant?

Dr Olukoya revealed that those who are under Satanic covenants will identify themselves through the following signs: sickness, poverty, untimely death, persistent ad dreams, unexpected satanic attacks, near-success failure syndrome, terrible calamities, marital delays and marriage problems, difficulty in stopping evil habits, and stagnation.

Steps to break the evil covenants

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1. By prayers, discover the source and nature of the evil covenant.

2. Relinquish your involvement by renouncing it by the name of Christ Jesus.

3. Break every evil connection and soul tie by the blood of Christ Jesus.

4. Paralyse every strong man and satanic forces empowering the covenant and command their death by the name of Jesus Christ.

5. Nullify and abolish every agreement and withdraw all your possessions by the blood of Jesus.

6. Pray for divine cleansing and purging from any evil consequences that may emanate from the Satanic covenant to prevent yourself and your family from suffering as the result of the consequences.

7. Lastly, refuse to renew the covenant and make a new covenant with Jesus by re-dedicating yourself to Him.

He expressed that this is serious warfare and shouldn't be taken for granted. You hold the power to determine when it will come to end. Don't suffer further when you have the keys to get out of your ugly situation.

Thanks to the man of God for revealing the way out. Share this post widely because It may help someone. Drop your comments and prayer points if you have any.

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