Aisha Yesufu Troll Senator Adeyemi For Voting Against Electronic Transmission Of Election Results.

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Just like a majority of Nigerians, human rights activist and the co-convener of the bring back our girls group, Mrs Aisha Yesufu has also reacted to the voting on the electronic transmission of election results, she even went as far as trolling Kogi State senator, Smart Adeyemi, who is representing Kogi West constituency of Kogi State. 

"So the tears of Smart Adeyemi did not reach for him to vote for what is in the best interest of Nigeria?"

Recall senator Smart Adeyemi once went viral for standing up to the Senate president, when he complained about the ills of the society and the killings going on around the country, one would have expected that he would have been among the senators that voted in favour, but to the surprise of many he voted against it. A good number of Nigerians wanted the electronic transmission of election results by popular demand, they were keen to see significant improvements in the country’s electoral processes and outcomes.

It was reported that a total of 52 senators voted in favour of e-transmission subject to NCC approval, 28 senators voted against and 28 senators were absent.

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