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Flora vs Paide

Flora are unbeaten in their last twelve matches on row as they set to welcome Paide at A Le.Coq stadium for their Estonian cup semi finals,home team has ten matches unbeaten at home and they will be looking to extend their home winning record as they clash on Paide,home team looks looks to have simple task to accomplish tonight and they have full confidence to fixture at finals,visitors are staggering to record consistency winning having managed to secure three wins in their last five matches,as they heads to encounter,we predict home team to win and proceeds to finals.

Rangers vs Leipzig

After losing at home to Union Berlin ahead of the first Rangers game, Leipzig went down 3-1 at Borussia Moncehengladbach on Sunday, even with their opponents playing the final 26 minutes with 10 men,tonight they heads to encounter looking to bounce back to their winnings,we predict away team to win.

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