How To Be A Millionaire From Passion Fruit Farming

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Many graduates look for office work thinking it best pays than agricultural work. But the truth is, agriculture pays well than office work.

Meet mr Njoroge a graduate of Kenyatta university doing passion fruit farming and how he makes millions from that crop.

If you are looking for a high-value crop that can produce an income in the first year, take a look at passion fruit farming. The crop has nearly unlimited advantages from extended life span exceeding three years after establishment to ability to intercrop.

While the capital needed to start a good size of passion fruit farm is not very low, the benefits and profit are worth every investment you make. Demand for passion fruits has continued to rise.

Some of them are already sourcing various fruits from farmers to tap fresh fruits processing segments.

Despite all the interest by fresh drink processors, the supply of this fruit has been low this year. This presents an opportunity for you as a farmer.

The crop produces high yields under proper care, for instance, a yield of 50,000kg of passion fruit per hectare has been reported in Kenya.

Furthermore, the maturity and ripening of the fruits, does not happen at the same time; some take three days others one week while others two weeks.

This is an advantage, as it will allow you to harvest weekly, and have time to market the produce. Starting as a small grower you will find lots of eager buyers at your neighbourhoods

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