Opinion: Deontay Wilder's Recent Statement About His Crushing Defeat May Indicate Early Retirement

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It was absolutely crushing for former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay wilder to have lost to the same man twice in his entire career, while he put up quite a fight and showed the world that he deserves to be amongst the greatest boxers of all time. His recent post about his loss to Tyson Fury could probably be the last we may hear of him.

Although he hasn't announced his retirement yet, and while he admits that he made a lot of mistakes during the fight. He can't be blamed for all that happened because in my humble opinion I think Fury knew everything about him completely from how he behaves to how he reacts in the ring.

If you read his statement that he shared on his Facebook page, you would probably see that he has lost the will to move on. He has lost to Tyson Fury twice now and I doubt that despite how stubborn he is, he may not want to fight him again.

Check out the screenshots of his statement.

As you can see, the bronze bomber may probably leave the heavyweight scene soon and I'm sure that a lot of boxing fans would hate to see him go. He has contributed a lot to the sport of boxing by being one of the hardest punchers in the game and also one of its best sluggers.

He has made no excuses like he did in the last game and I'm sure that he will go out like the legend he is. So what do you think about this article? Do you believe it is possible that Wilder may try to challenge Tyson Fury again? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and please kindly share with your friends, and also do follow Greenkai for more interesting news.

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