What A 2 Years Old Baby Ordered Online When His Mother Forgot Her Phone At Home

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A mother from Texas has been taught a hard lesson by her two year old son after he accidentally ordered 31 McDonald's Cheeseburger after she left him with her phone. The lady who works for a school was on Monday working from home. She had connected her phone with her work laptop and was transferring some photos.

As she was busy working, he baby took the phone and started tapping it without knowing what he was doing. The woman, Golden said that her son loves using the phone camera but this time round it was different. He tapped the screen excessively and made the big order.

"He likes to look at his reflection. But this time, Barrett didn't just stare at his reflection. He starts pressing the screen, swinging it around like his arm is a roller coaster," she said.

Golden was surprised when she received a notification that her order at Door dash had delayed. As she was playing with her baby on the porch, a car pulled at her compound and a bag of cheeseburgers presented to her. That is when she checked her phone and found out that her baby had made the order and even paid $91.70. The surprising thing however is that no one in their family loves cheeseburgers and she therefore gave out to neighbors and the needy.

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