Spiritual: These Simple Steps Would Completely Set You Free From Bad Dreams And Other Negativity.


1) If you find a snake in your toilet, don't flush it down the toilet; instead, ask your children to leave the house and pour gasoline on the snake; it will die on its own within a few minutes.

2 If you have bad dreams all the time, chew seven seeds of alligator pepper every night before going to bed, making sure you don't swallow it. After chewing it, pour it out, and you won't have any more bad dreams.

3) If you're trying to break a family curse, get two colors of native eggs, speak whatever you want into them, and stone them on the floor. Whatever curse you were trying to break will be broken.

4) If your child is always falling into unknown sickness which you have tried your best but it yield no results, make a little celebration for that child, after the celebration make sure you tear off the cloth which the child was putting on during the celebration and bath the child, after that, pray and carry your child, the sickness will return no more.

5 If your business money always get missing, and you're very sure that it's not a human being that is stealing it, put a bitter cola and three seed of alligator pepper at the place you normally drop the money, the money will stop getting missing.

6. If you are battling with long term infection like staphylococcus and e. Coli or coliform chew 9 pieces of alligator pepper with the root called (ekwensu anyangi). Boil the root and drink half glass morning and half glass night for 3 weeks and that's the end of any chronic infection.

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