"This one no follow" reactions as woman shares pictures of the Okra soup her husband prepared


Some people think men cook better than women. Some say it is an established fact. It may be true it may not be true.

In our African culture,it is established that women cook better. In fact women are in charge of cooking in most African homes

But some men are gradually coming up and beating the women in the cooking business. In fact, well known chefs are mostly the male folks.

Here is a picture of the Okra soup are woman shares that was prepared by her husband. It doesn't look like the normal Okra soup we know.

The normal Okra soup is prepared by either grating, slicing or pounding the Okra. Then we used meat,fish, crayfish, palm oil with some vegetables to prepare it.

But this one looks quite different or could it be Okra stew? Well no matter what it is stew or soup everyone has his or her own differences in cooking

Here are some funny reactions from Facebook users

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