Scandal| Lindiwe makes the biggest mistake of his life that might ruined his marriage

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Lindiwe is drowning deeper on Mdala plans that might destroy her marriage for good which is something that Nhlamulo has been warning him in the past months, but the lady doesn't want to listen to anyone as he falls in the arms of Mdala who looks more dangerous and prepared to cause havoc in their lives.

It looks Mdala plans are coming together after having a long intimacy with Lindiwe and he need to make things worse for Nhlamulo by continuing to make sure that he puts Lindiwe closer to him, who is blind to see that she has been used by a horrible guy to seek revenge on Nhlamulo who betrays him bigtime last year.

One of Lindiwe's weaknesses is that he thinks that she knows and that's where she makes a mistake because he has gotten onto the game that is been played by the big boys.

Divorce is knocking on her marriage because she is not listening to anyone that gives her advice.

Will this be the end of the lovely marriage that has been based on lies and secrets?

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