2 Places In Your Matrimonial Home You Should Avoid Making Love And Why

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Love making is one of the vital parts to keep a marriage healthy. This intimacy cannot be replaced by something else. Love making is when you both are extremely vulnerable to the other but fully trust each other.

Couples should exercise caution and prudence when making love in certain areas of their marital home because not all places are meant for love making. There are some places in your home you wouldn't dare make love.

If you're looking for a place for love making avoid these two places for your own safety.

1. The kitchen.

Kitchen is a common place for couples to make out. In the kitchen, the lady may be making a dinner when her husband walks in. When one of the couples initiates the act and the other welcomes it, they can end up making out.

It is possible that one of the couples will miss a step and fall to the ground because the act will likely take place while they are standing. As a result of this mishap, a person could be seriously injured. There is a risk that the person will bang their head on a hard surface if care is not exercised.

2. The bathroom

Most bathrooms have tile floors, which can get slick with soapy water after a shower or bath. In lovemaking, the parties are so engrossed in each others arms that they don't even notice what's going on around them.

Intimacy in the bathroom, like in the kitchen, is performed standing up. There is a risk of exhaustion during the process. The one who has lost stamina is almost certain to hit his/her head on the bathroom wall.

No matter how much joy and pleasure may be involved, don't rush to make love in the places listed above. The parlor has furniture for you to lie on if you wish to make love outside of your bathroom. What do you think?

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