Opinion: Why A Consensus Candidate Will Make APC Lose 2023 Presidential Election To PDP

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I read a publication in Guardian newspaper where Sen. John Akpanudoehede, the National Caretaker Secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC stated that his party will produce its 2023 Presidential candidate through consensus.

I was not surprised at his statement because APC as the ruling party will want to unite itself before, during and after its national convention to win the 2023 presidential election.

I doubt if this idea will work for the APC given that some of its politicians both from the North and South are interested in the 2023 presidential election.

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In my opinion, this proposed consensus as the way to pick the flagbearer of the broom party for the next Presidential election will make it lose the election to the opposition PDP.

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Why do I so?

The consensus arrangement will force many party members who want to contest for the presidential ticket of the APC in 2023 to kill their ambition.

For those who don't understand what consensus means in politics, It is simply a formal agreement between members of a political party on a particular issue.

In the case of the APC, one can describe it as an agreement between all the aspirants who want to contest for the party's presidential ticket to support a candidate so that the party can win. 

Let's proceed.

Some APC presidential aspirants in order not to disobey the party may agree on consensus but will feel reluctant to support the consensus candidate during the 2023 Presidential election.

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Others who won't accept it will leave the party with their supporters to pursue their presidential ambition in another political party.

APC should learn from what happened to PDP in 2015 when it appeared that it was only Goodluck Jonathan the party wanted to contest for the PDP presidential ticket.

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This idea of consensus may lead to a power bloc within the APC which may create factions in the party. The party should not forget that it recently welcomed some PDP governors especially those from Southern Nigeria.

Some of them may have joined the party because of the 2023 presidential election. I will advise the APC to forget this idea of consensus and go for a direct primary. This will allow all aspirants to fight for the ticket. 

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