Powerful African Leader Dies


AMISON has announced the unfortunate demise of former African Union representative for Somalia, Ambassador Boubakar Diarra who died today.

AMISON has celebrated his fruitful tenure as its head (2010-2012) and his devotion in the service of mother africa articulating that he played a pivotal role in driving out Al-shabaab from the altruistic and exemplary city of Mogadishu.

They have further acknowledged his commitment to the AU effort of restoring peace and economic revival to the vast Mogadishu and lower Shabelle region through establishment of the eminent "Operation Free Shabelle".

The agency has passed it's sencere condolences to the family of the deceased, the people and the government of the Mali for the great loss.

"His indelible footprint shall always be synonymous with counter terrorism, peace building and post-conflict reconstruction across the continent, from Somalia to Burundi and to Mali," Said Ambassador Francisco Madeira, the AU Special Representative for Somalia and Head if AMISON during a press release in Mogadishu today.

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