Should Islamic Schools Paste Picture of President Akufo-Addo In Their Offices?


There have been reports that suggest that the newly appointed Minister of Education, Dr Osei Yaw Adutwum wants Heads of Basic Schools to put pictures of the President and that of the Minister of Education in their offices.

To Dr Adutwum, the pictures will aid the pupils in recognising the President of the Republic of Ghana and his Education Minister.

But, should Islamic Schools and Muslim Headteachers abide by this directive?

In most non-islamic schools, muslims teachers and Heads of Schools normally pray in the offices during school hours. Acccording to Islamic Principles, if a Muslim prays before a picture, it means that person has worshipped the picture not Allah.

The Minister of Education and his government's request for the picture of the President pasted in the offices of Islamic schools would be akin to idolatry, which is a grave sin in Islam.

Again, if school pupils are unable to recognise or mention the name of the President, then there could be a big problem. However, the solution is not pasting of pictures but serious work.

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