Last Nine (9) Managers Who Won The Champions League - The List With Years And Their Clubs.

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Championship League is no doubt the best league in the World, which all football Managers always look forward to win.

The league which comprises of the best top 4 teams in each League in the World, to compete to know the best team in the World.

So many football managers have won this League, lifting the trophy, and this has been a great record and history for those managers.

This Article is interested in revealing the Last nine (9) Managers who won the UEFA Champions League, and lifting the trophy.

The list consist of hardworking and diligent Coaches/Managers, and this has led to their victories and thereby creating a record for them today.

Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea in 2012.

Jupp Hynckes, Bayern in 2013.

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid in 2014.

Luiz Enrique, Barcelona in 2015.

Zidane, Real Madrid in 2016.

Zidane, Real Madrid in 2017.

Zidane, Real Madrid in 2018.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool in 2019.

Hans Flich, Bayern in 2020.

These Men are worth celebrating, and this article is making their records known to the World.

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