300 Illegal Miners Arrested

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300 illegal miners have been arrested by the police. It is alleged that some of the illegal miners do not have the right documentation.

The group of miners did not have the right documentation to be mining in the place that they were mining. If any accidents had happened it would be impossible for the state to find the families of the individuals.

In the past few years, South Africa has witness a huge influx of foreign nationals coming into the country.

Most of the individuals are undocumented and do not have the relevant documentation to work or stay in the country.

This has caused a major stir in the country as the rightful citizens of the country believe that the shortage of jobs is a result of the cheap labour that foreign nationals are willing to take.

Often times, foreign nationals levae their countries to try and find greener pastures in neighboring countries in a bit to provide for their families back home.

Source : https://twitter.com/JoshKing7424/status/1446636174056083459?t=U0wXenzets9uXY6F-mFQ1w&s=08

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