"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Proven Tips To Trick Women To Do Whatever You Tell them

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In this era of dating and making women chase you without any difficulty is hardly to believe. I found it very surprising that you can actually trick a woman to do whatever you tell her. In my early beginning in the dating sphere, I found it impossible when I was told by my other Alpha Males that you could actually compel a lady to follow you. All this would visualize when you are ready to become a key player in the game. You can't fold your arms and be sitting down and be expecting a woman to chase you. It does not work like that. Below are some soothing tricks to women anxiety to make them whatever you tell them.

Praise Them

Women naturally love to be praised and if you are found of praising them, then you are so dear to them. I never knew this was possible until a woman I've been dating reveal to me that she is glued to me because of how I treat and praise her in front of my colleagues. Eventhough she knew that what actually was telling my friends were false about her behaviour. She refuse to let me go because I usually cover up her deeds and that is what triggers her attraction for me.

Never Scold Them In Public

One disheartening thing that could ever be done to a lady is to scold her in front of people. Well, actually as a guy, I hate to be scolded and so I can't do same to my woman. Little do most guys know that, avoid scolding them in public trigger the woman's undying love for you and she would do whatever you tell her to do.

Surprise Her Once A While

Yes, undoubtedly Alpha males are full of surprises. You should be able to surprise by cooking or washing without your intention. I did some cooking some months ago and eventhough there was lore salt in it, my wife congratulated me with the fact that at least I made any effort to cook.

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