Car Models You Should Be Cautious With When Buying

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There are many different types of car which most of them are being imported while others are being manufactured here in our country. Everybody admire own a car, but here are some of the cars you should be very careful of because you can end up regretting why you have bought them. Here is the list of car models you should avoid buying.

1. Nissan Note

A Nissan Note which was manufactured between June to July 2013 and May to August 2014 will send you to the garage frequently. This type of car has been noted to have gearbox problems, engine problems, and power transmission problems. So the car dealers advise people who wish to buy a Nissan note car to consider highly the year of manufacture.

2. Fielder 1800 cc CVT model

This model of Fielder car mostly those which were manufactured between June 2012 and February 2013 has a problem of gearbox and engine problem, also these car model has no experts to repair them.

3. Nissan Jawk Model

These car model mostly those that were manufactured between June 2012 and February 2013 has been confirmed by several mechanics to be having problems of the turbo, charger issues, gearbox problem which is very expensive to repair.

4. Mazda CX 5

This car model especially those which year of manufacture is 2012-2013 have a very bad engine problem which is hard and expensive to fix.

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