The Formula Meru Governor Proposes To Be Used During Administration Of Covid 19 Vaccine


Covid 19 has finally landed in kenya awaiting administration.The vaccine is expected to be distributed in quickest way possible.The puzzle that is disturbing Kenyans is which formula will be used during administering the vaccine.

Meru Governor Mr Kiraitu Murungi speaking on the Covid issue thanked the government for quick effort in getting the vaccine.He went ahead to say the vaccine should be administered from the president to his deputy then governors down the lane.

He said that should be the formula because Kenyans don't believe in the government and by starting with the leaders might help Kenyans believe the vaccine.He went ahead to urge all Kenyans when time comes they should be administered quickest time possible.

The Government went ahead to say Corona is still here and citizens should continue keeping safety measures.The covid vaccine is expected to control the disease with the founder company saying it is the best and should not be resisted so has to curb the virus.

What your opinion on covid 19 vaccine, how should it be administered in kenya.Leave your comment