Twitter users goes after Sizwe Dlomo, Unathi Nkayi

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Sizwe Dlomo was late for his 15:00 duties on Kaya FM and Unathi spoke to him about his lateness and that her contract ends at 3 and is not allowed to leave before he arrives. Sizwe did raise up his voice and Unathi didn't shout at him but she ended it by the F word. Unathi was very calm in addressing the situation.

Then, the next thing she went to her bosses and reported that Sizwe abused her.

Sizwe doesn’t report to her, she had no right addressing the late coming and in front of their colleagues (her tone was condescending). If it bothered her, she could’ve taken it up with his senior. There was no verbal abuse as she alleged, in fact the ‘F’ word was said by her

The problem of Unathi is reporting false abuse allegations against him, she was fired for that.

Many people on Twitter demanded to see a full audio but apparently there is no full audio, apart from the one that was shared by Sizwe on his account and it got him trending.

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