2023: Nigerians Are Now Enlightened, The Next President Must Pass These 4 Test Before The Election


Looking at all that has been unfolding in the country lately, I believe every other Nigerians like myself, is thinking about the ideal person to succeed President Muhamadu Buhari. The country is in a state of collapse and 2023 gives us another opportunity to fix a dying nation where there is a surge in Insecurity, massive unemployment, poverty to mention but a few.

I believe that as a people, the past couple of years have taught us some vital lessons, and one of lessons learnt is that in deciding who leads over us, we must shun all forms of ethic and religious bias. The party should never be the bone of contention but the character of the individual in the party. We have repeatedly made this mistake over the years and see where it has landed us.

We deserve and need a leader who can fix all of the challenges the nation has been and is currently facing. A Peoples' leader and not a party leader. One who can reunite, strengthen and reinstall the spirit of patriotism in the hearts of all Nigerians. Getting such a person may be difficult but anyone you see that possess the qualities below, should be considered for the position.

1] Integrity

2] Anticedent (Previous Achievements)

3] Ethnic & Religious

4] Intelligence & Thorough Knowledge Of The Need Of The People.

1] Integrity: A man of integrity is one who is transparent with his dealings. A disciplined man who would do all that is needed to give himself a good name. What Nigeria need is a President that is accountable.

Many have traded their integrity in exchange of money and that is why corruption has become a major problem in the country. A man of integrity will never allow greed tarnish his reputation.

Can you imagine how Nigeria would have been if since independence till date we had leaders of integrity? The issue of money laundering and looting would never be mentioned when talking about Nigeria. In 2023 we must take responsibility to our hands and elect a credible leader.

2] The Anticedent Test: Where we are today is as a result of what we did yesterday. We all have our 'yesterdays'. This is the same with politicians. There should be a track record that will serve as a yardstick to to measure the success of a a political office holder.

Before aspiring for the position of the President in Nigeria, one is expected to have gone through the foundamentals, which is, first to have served as a chancellor, a local government chairman or even severed as governor of a state before contesting for presidency.

The questions we should ask is; what were his achievements during his time as chancellor, local government chairman and governor?

3] Ethnic & Religious Test: I believe we all can relate to this without much explanation. This is one major threat to the unity of our dear nation that practice different religion with multiple ethnic groups. It should be seen as the reason for the call for secession by some individuals in the South East and South West. The Igbos for instance, feels that have been marginalised and denied the opportunity to produce a president since 1960 when Nigeria gained her Independence. In a system where the principle of equality is followed to the latter, power would have been rotated across all tribes.

In 2023, we should look out for someone who does not biased with regards to ethnicity and religion.

4] Intelligence & Thorough Knowledge Of The Need Of The People: This to me is the most important thing to consider henceforth. There is nothing more painful than having someone who lacks the leadership skills or knows little or nothing about what the needs of the people he governs are. We want an intellect, a president who gives a good image of the nation when meeting with other world leaders.

In conclusion, I strongly advise that we put aside ethnic or religious affiliation or sentiment when deciding who rules over us for another four years. Do not sell your vote for stipend that can barely carter for daily needs. We can build a great nation together if only we put the right people in key strategic position to make it happen!

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