Should Government Regulate Churches?

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This is a controversial topic mainly because many believe that it is the church that should regulate the government.

The idea is that the government is led by natural law whereas the church is led by supernatural law.

It is easier to believe that the church should govern because they are led by supernatural law, right? Well, the bible teaches us that the government in Romans 13:1-7, that God is the one that put the people in government. We should thus respect and submit to them, as they are in authority because God put them there.

I know that this is not easy to understand, since our leaders disappoint us, steal from us, etc. God put them there because we asked for leaders. How a person uses a seat that God gave him, is up to that person, but the abuse of anything that ave you to be a steward over, you will account for. For example, if God gives you a job, but you decide to steal, etc you will account for it here on earth and on judgment day.

What does this mean? Well, God put Ramaphosa at the helm (even as we voted), what he does here is up to him and his conscious. Either way, he will account for the position here on earth and directly with God.

So should churches be governed by these corrupt governments that are led by natural law? My opinion is that they shouldn't have to, but they certainly need to. The church, although powerful, is passive. We have an influx of church leaders who are wolves in sheep's clothing, fleecing the body of Christ.

A governing institution, in fact even a government minister who stands for church governance i.e Minister of Churches, is not a bad idea in South Africa.

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