I Won’t Allow You To Kill Me Before My Time: Lady Sadly Bows Out Of Relationship On Date Rush


There are issues when two people decide to make a decision that borders on the future. Even in friendship, people agree to disagree and the same applies to marriages and relationships. Young people who are trying to know each other to begin a relationship always have their ups and downs. “Let’s break up” is the common language young people use when there is a misunderstanding in the relationship.

A similar situation has happened on the Date Rush show after one of the ladies decided to bow out of a relationship with another young man. Her excuse was that her partner was troublesome. She believes continuing the relationship will make her die before her time.

The story of David and Manuela unfolded on the Date Rush reunion show. They had agreed initially during the last season to be together but after many times of trying, it seems their relations cannot work. There were various accusations and counter from both sides when Giovani tried to find out what was the main problem between them. Manuela indicated that she cannot contain the attitude of David. She says David lacks manners on how to pamper a lady.

“There is nothing and there will be nothing between us. I cannot even be friends with him. After the show, we all agreed to continue and it was good. We started talking and anytime we talk, this guy will ask why I want to go to sleep. David will always make a woman feel bad. If you come in contact with him, you will stop talking to him. I blocked him in the process because, if I keep talking to him I will die before my time”. Manuela narrated.

In response, David dispelled the allegations and indicated that it was Manuela who has temper issues. He described Manuela as rude. “It was love at first sight. This girl (Manuela) is so rude. I even called her on phone with my cousins and as I was trying to talk to her she dropped the call on me. She even blocked me on Whatsapp. She told me she was naturally rude and that is exactly what she has exhibited”. David indicated. The relationship of the two has however ended.

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