Busty Model Monalisa Stephen Reaches Out To Fans After Getting Involved In A Fatal Accident


Popular celebrity, influencer and plus sized model Monalisa Stephen has reached out to her fans after she was recently involved in a fatal car accident. The plus sized model who is well-known for frequently posting hot photos of her voluptuous body narrated to her fans how she narrowly escaped death after a trailer nearly crushed her but only sustained bruises in one of her legs.

Monalisa Stephen:

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The celebrity model also said that the unpleasant ordeal she recently encountered has scared and traumatized her as it was only a matter of seconds before she would have been crushed by the trailer but miraculously escaped. However, she noted that the driver was not so lucky.

Writing to her fans, Monalisa Stephen said;

“My People, how how are you? Well, I’m fine but writing from a place of pain because I was involved in an accident 3 days ago.

It’s supposed to be fatal but miraculously, I just had bruises and one of my legs is affected.

Amidst all the pains I still am still posting. I have a coconut head, just pray with me.

I’m scared and traumatized (it’s was just a split seconds and I will have been crushed. It’s not because I’m FIT. I just dunno what carried me from that scene to a safe place.

The driver wasn’t lucky, that’s how I knew It’s God intervention.

A moving trailer will have crushed my enemy but then God intervened.

Again, I’m grateful for Life and for all the beautiful people around me”. Monalisa Stephen said to her fans.

Also in the same post, Monalisa Stephen shared a video in which she was seen taking her first tattoo. She revealed that she was trolled and received derogatory messages while she was battling for her life. She assured her fans that she is ‘healing’.

Monalisa Stephen getting her first tattoo:

Photos credit: Monalisa Stephen.

“On the last video I posted, while some people were trolling me, I was battling for my life. That’s to tell you that people are going through a lot and it take you nothing to be kind. I’m healing.

Hey I also got a new ink on my body

@jessiekobi40, You know I love you so much.

@the_lyf_movement, this tattoo pained me and I can’t forget how my big sis said I will go to hell the first time I got my first tattoo.

Okay that’s it.

Love you all”. Monalisa Stephen concluded.

Source: Monalisa Stephen.

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