Revealed: How Spanish Company Paid Kenyan Twitter Influencers to Push Fake Hashtags

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Twitter has been one of the greatest social media that most Kenyans have used to demand accountability from the government and other top organizations. Recently, the hashtag lower food prices dominated the platform.

However, according to research done by Mozilla, a right-wing group based in Spain allegedly used Kenyan Twitter influencers to spread misinformation about reproductive health policy and surrogacy.

The report further states that the company named CitizenGo paid the influencers to push 10 hashtags that trended in the country using a certain algorithm. Most of the information that was tweeted contained disinformation.

The new report was shared by Twitter and this led to more than hundreds of Twitter accounts being suspended by the telco giant. They further confirmed that an investigation is ongoing to bring down more accounts that violated its rules.

“We are investigating the information shared with us by Mozilla Foundation and have permanently suspended more than 240 accounts under our platform manipulation and spam policy,” a Twitter spokesperson told Mozilla.


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