S/R: Who Are The Kakulase People Of Mankuma And Gonjaland In Ghana Part II


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Continuation; After Ndewura Jakpa entrusted Mankuma to his sister's son, Ndewura Jakpa also specified the role of the “Kakulase clan” headed by Kakulasewura. They shall observe the following practices:

Firstly the Kakulase people should sit immediately next to him on his skins facing all the other Princes and people. They should not prostrate before Yabonwura or any other chief in Gonja.

This function persists till today and is a special of Kakulasewura function among many others critical to the maintenance of the Yagbonwura and by extension the state of Gonja.

Secondly, the Kakulasewura should be Yabonwura's most trusted and closest advisor or confidante and as such only Kakulase can be present at he Ndewuara Jakpa’s death and should preside over the rituals for his burial so that he can join the ancestors in the right way.

Therefore his body is their property and must be buried at Mankuma in the custody of Kakulasewura and the spiritual Priests of the Mausoleum (Nlusoh).

It is noteworthy that the Kakulasewura, a Chief at Mankuma was the first advisors of the Kings of Gonjas until later when the Council of elders concept was introduced, comprising he the Kakulasewura, Choriwura, Sakpawura, Berwura and Tariwura.

The Kakulasewura was the closest to Yagbonwuras in their days at Nyange. The role of the Council of Elders afore-mentioned at the time was that each of them stayed with the overlord for a period of three months and the cycle continued after the last to sit.

The Yagbonwura was always accompanied to Nyange by these Kingmakers and Councilors mostly from the Bole area in turns and were all supposed to be present at occasions that demands that the Yagbonwura sit in state.

To date the sitting position of these chiefs has not changed anytime Yagbonwura is sitting in State.

"Kekulasiwura (the whisperer) sat behide the Yagbonwura telling him what was happening in the division. The Sakpawura when Damba drew near went round the villages telling the people of the Festvals approach and collecting from them presents for the Yabumwura.

He was the keeper of the Yabumwura’s eunuchs (kitibi), though probably not a eunuch himself…Biewura took the lead in War. Tariwura’s special function is not recorded. Both Sakpawura and Biawura have the privilege of taking what they want of the presents given to the Yabumwura.

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