Photo Of Alleged Brother Of Shatta Bandle Surfaces Online

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A photograph is right now circulating via web-based media which has our own personal young rich nigga, Shatta Bandle, and his supposed sibling. 

All things considered, the photograph catches the moment the two who are of a similar height and same hairdo grinning at the camera. It hasn't been affirmed by Shatta Bandle on the off chance that he is truly identified with the other person however they share a striking likeness. 

Shatta Bandle has never showed any of his relatives via online media however interestingly, it is asserted that the other youngster in the photograph turns out to be his sibling. 

See the photograph beneath: 

In other news distributed on, Chief Executive Officer of the Arab Money Gang Business (AMG), Criss Waddle has at long last responded to claims that he is a web fraudster who is hiding under his land business. 

It has been asserted by a part of Ghanaians that the once rapper is still into his web fraud business and has been hiding under his Real Estate business. 

All things considered, Criss Waddle has come out to invalidate these cases in a post he made on his Snapchat. In his post, he attested that individuals are truly woeful to be blaming him for such. 

He stated; "Somebody said he's a scam kid hiding under land… . yet, note that your hypothesis doesn't change the way that our homes are on the amount of $130,000 a unit and 10 units is equivalents to 1.3 million dollars"… "people are pathetic."

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