Yoruba Nation is An Evil to Yoruba Muslims, and We will Not Allow It to Stand - Islamic Cleric


Sheikh Dawood Imran Molashan, The founder and national President of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen Located at Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria has described the Yoruba Nation as the Evil seed that Yoruba Muslims should not allow to germinate. He called on South West Muslims not to allow the Yoruba Nation to stand, he said the Agitators are only doing it for their interest.

He made this statement on Saturday, 17th of April, 2021 during the annual Ramadan program organized by the Jamatul Taawun Muslimeen, Lagos Branch. The statement was released by his Spokesman, Lukman Ayyubi Solahudeen on the official Facebook page of Jamatul Taawun Muslimeen.

He said:

"Muslims have seen that the Yoruba Nation Agitators are fighting because they hate Islam of Hausas and Fulanis. They claim that Hausas want to turn Nigeria into an Islamic country like Turkey which is not true because we have Christians in this Present administration. If anybody hates Hausa because of Islam, definitely Muslims in the south are not safe"

"Yoruba Muslims should not allow the Yoruba Nation to stand because it's an evil to Yoruba Muslims"

Ameer Dawood Imran Molashan finally advises Yoruba Muslims to use the period of Ramadan to pray for Nigeria.

SOURCE: Official Facebook page of Jamatul Taawun Muslimeen

You can watch the video HERE

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