Opera Hub is 1Year old

Opera News Hub Ghana @1 Anniversary Writing Challenge... Win Big!

Hurray, Opera News Hub Ghana is one year old. Just about a year ago, Opera News launched the News Hub, a microblogging platform on Opera News that provided the opportunity for authors and bloggers in Ghana to submit and create articles and earn money for their writings. It's been a successful journey and as we reach the one year milestone, we at Opera are glad to announce a series of activities to mark our first anniversary.

 Opera News hub has welcomed a lot of authors who have made significant contributions to the hub. Some of the articles we have published on the hub have created impact, informed and entertained our readers. 

To mark the anniversary, Opera News invites writers to participate in a writing competition with the following criteria: 

Step 1: Articles should comply with Opera News Hub Publishing Guidelines.

Step 2: The content must be original, not previously published on any website.

Step 3: All articles must be at least 350 WORDS long.

Step 4: All articles for the competition should include the tag ‘#OperaNewsHubAnniversary’ (the tag is inserted in the 'Topic' section at the bottom of your creator panel)

Step 5: Publish at least 2 FEATURES during the competition period. The more you publish, the better chances of appearing at the top.

(1) My Opera News Hub Story: How has Opera News Hub changed your life? What do you want to say to Opera News Hub? Share your story here

(2) Dumsor: Can ‘Dumsor’ be solved by any government? Proffer solutions 

(3) COVID-19 & Ghanaian Business: How COVID-19 has impacted Ghanaian businesses, What agile and disruptive technologies have changed the world in the pandemic and what is Africa learning or adopting from these technologies"

Steps and Criteria in Writing and publishing on the anniversary challenge are as follows ;

Step 1: Click https://msite.feednews.com/OneYear?country=ng&language=en 

Click participate

Select topic

Click “post article” and start writing.

Step 2: Trending Topic Page

Select any anniversary topic and start writing 

Top 10 authors will be rewarded 100 GHCS each (GOLD)

The next set of 20 authors will also be rewarded 50 GHS each (SILVER)

Note: No Plagiarism, Bad Grammar and Spelling Errors. Pictures used must be Clear 

Submit Article

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