"Dear Young Men, To Succeed, Avoid High Maintenance Girl & Learn A High-Income Skill" - Reno

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Popular Nigerian çelebrity known as Reno Omokri is a lawyer, philanthropist, preacher poet, motivational speaker, social media personality, and former presidential aide to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. A few hours ago he took to his verified Instagram page to send a message to advise men as he says "Dear Young Men, To Succeed, Avoid High Maintenance Girl & Learn A High-Income Skill"

He however noted that he is addressing the youths to keep away from ladies that are highly demanding and get involved in a high-paying skill if they want to succeed in life.

Furthermore, he explained that a lady who is high in maintaining is that someone who wants a man to fund her expensive way of living while he said that a high-income skill is any of those that attract the kind of woman who is high in maintaining.

Moreso, he stated that when such monies come at that point he will become like a magnet to any kind of lady, and at that point, he said that the man needs to use his discretion.

In conclusion, he noted that any lady that wants a guy to know that her hair is long overdue or complaining that her phone has gone too old. He however noted that such kind of a lady should be erased maybe from his phone or perhaps his life, noting that the guy, deserves a woman and not one that will be deletable.

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