Lovey Dovey: Lindiwe's Aunt Is Not Convinced, Could This Be Something Serious?

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It's family time for Lindiwe and Justice, they are both happy about how far they have come. Justice is going to introduce Lindiwe to his mother, he believes this is going to be the best day. Justice's sister hopes Lindiwe is free and loving, she has been waiting for this moment. She is happy to meet Lindiwe, Justice's nickname is chopo.

Mme Mshweshwe (Justice's mother) has been praying for this moment, she is happy to see her son happy. She was apparently impressed with how Lindiwe was dressed, she also liked how she greeted her. When Justice told his mother about his engagement, she wanted him to explain. Justice told her that he only asked Lindiwe for a hand in marriage not her family, in other words he has not payed lobola or met her family yet. Mme Mshweshwe's heart is warm after seeing her son home, she loves Lindiwe.

Lindiwe is so excited, she saw another side to Justice. She is happy to see how Justice is at home, she also feels welcome. "Lindiwe is a go getter, she is an independent woman". Justice got emotional when he saw his home and how Lindiwe got along with his mother and sister. Lindiwe assured Justice mother "I am going to impress you, I'm going to make you happy". Lindiwe is happy with Mme Mshweshwe's personality, she does not like forward mothers.

Justice is excited but nervous about meeting Lindiwe's family, Lindiwe is a little bit worried about how her family will react. She got more worried when she saw the weather, she felt like there will be her aunts and mom. Lindiwe values her family's opinion so much, she is hoping they will see the good in Justice.

Lindiwe's mother asked Justice what are his intentions with her daughter, Justice Is ready to settle down with Lindiwe. Lindiwe's aunt is happy for Lindiwe but nothing excites her when it comes to Justice, she believes "only time will tell". Meeting the parents was not easy but it was a success, Lindiwe and Justice ended the day with singing.

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