" I Predict Premium Tears, Anguish & Pain " Gachuri Warns As He Gives His Political Forecast

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Citizen TV senior political reporter Francis Gachuri has predicted premium tears, anguish, discontent and pain upon politicians ahead of the much awaited party primaries.

With the Orange Democratic Party already setting the pace on nominations, UDA is also expected to conduct their primaries on the 14th of April.

Gachuri predicts pain and premium tears to politicians eying various elective seats as this year's primaries are completely different from what has been the case in the previous years.

In the previous years, party nominations have been an open affair to anyone regardless of their political party. Only the IEBC register was used to know who is going to vote and who will not vote.

This year, for any person to vote, they must be duly registered as members in a given political party.

Gachuri points out that the new norm may make some politician suffer a big blow.

Furthermore, party leaders may have a say on who gets a nomination and who misses out.

He keenly noted that most politicians will be disappointed by the primaries leaving them with the option to run as independent candidates.

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