"Help Me Find Him" This Is What King Has Promised to Do For This Man After He Met Him On Traffic


King kaka one of Kenya's celebrated musician has promised to feature a man caught on traffic singing one of his unreleased songs. King kaka who was caught up in the traffic spotted a guy enjoying his new music which was being played in the artist's car. The unknown person was singing to the lyrics of the song and dancing to the beat of the song something that caught the attention of king kaka who promised to look for him. King kaka gas offered to feature him in his music video to the song and has asked Kenyans to help him find the guy.

King kaka has been one of the Kenyan musicians and celebrities whose presence and music has been felt for a very long time despite their career kicking off over a decade ago. His music has well entertained Kenyans for a very long time including the Wajinga Nyinyi song which was full of controversies and a reflection of the country's political problems. Here is the video of the man enjoying king kaka's music in traffic jam.


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