SA attack Cyril for saying he wants a tougher stance on alcohol in SA with new rules, see reactions

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Ramaphosa wants a tougher stance on alcohol in South Africa—with new rules proposed, 

writing in his weekly letter to the public, Ramaphosa said increased social acceptability of young people drinking alcohol has become a serious problem in a country where the majority of the drinking population are already classified by the World Health Organization as binge drinkers.

“Alcohol use among adolescents is associated with impaired function, absenteeism from learning, alcohol-related injuries, suicidal thoughts and attempts, and risky behavior. We must come together to combat this vice that is robbing our young people of the best years of their lives, and making them susceptible to alcohol addiction.”

New rules which your government has never been able to enforce. It's our broken homes, dysfunctional communities and societies that need fixing, especially amongst black families. Eskom is a serious concern? Stage 6 load shedding? What will prevent teenagers from buying alcohol illegally? Alcohol should be expensive so that youth unable to buy it. Government must over TeX alcohol higher compared to any product, You're failing to enforce the existing rules. Who's going to enforce the new ones? Does he have anything to say about load shedding?

They are good at enacting laws, but implementation dololo. 110% correct.. Change what you want, enforcement remains the same. He must take a tougher stand to the 60% of soweto that is not paying for electricity. We don’t need new laws—just enforcement of our current laws would make a huge difference. The problem is: Alcohol is not viewed seriously by the authorities. He’s always shocked, always wishing, praying, hoping and never seems to be doing anything. He must also take tougher action on foreign matrass banking or employing foreigners while we have high unemployment, We’re in stage 6 load shedding, petrol increases every month, high GBV and massive unemployment but THIS is what you want a tougher stance on?


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