Officer Who Shot Lover in Meru Found Dead in River Kathita

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A Kenyan administration police officer who shot dead his lover several days ago and went missing has finally been found dead along the River Banks in Meru County.

The incidences of love are killing each other simply because small arguments have been building up in the past years in Kenya. Killing someone because they have wronged you does not make the wrong right.

It is very improper that people in disciplinary forces are taking matters into their hands and shooting their lovers in Cold Blood. The moment you are given that gun it is simply for taking care of Innocent citizens and not ending someone's life because of a love triangle.

It is such a bad thing that even the police officers are these days shooting and killing their love is because of love issues.

This kind of officer is supposed to be taken for fresh training and they are mine should be properly checked to know if they are in a proper state of mind to handle the guns.

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