We are going for Date Rush: Atembuda and Akrugu - See the Reactions of Ghanaians


We are going for Date Rush and - Atembuda and Akrugu, See the Reactions of Ghanaians

Takoradi Actor, Atembuda has mentioned that he is going for TV3's popular show, Date Rush to find love.

On Atembuda's Facebook page, he wrote the he and Akrugu are going for Date Rush program soon when he captioned a picture of him and Akrugu.

In the movie industry, Atembuda has been described as the ugliest among the actors and that of Akrugu.

Check the post he made on Facebook

Fans and Ghanaians have reacted to the post on Atembuda's Facebook page.

Some of the wrote;

"You guys are handsome wai.We have more horroh ladies than you can think about.Keep putting smiles on our faces."

"I really love the idea guys pls go....any lady who will turn u down ain't ready for what's Beautiful for very ur heart is beautiful awwwwwwww.....blaaa Atemuda my mummy says hi she just can't HV enough of u on TV"

"Those mocking at them should stop it. We're all perfect in our own ways. Besides beauty and handsomeness won't take us to heaven, it's our deeds."

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