'I Could Not Eat,'Kamene Goro On Painful Break-Up With Her First Boyfriend


I could feel the pain in my heart, I used not to eat. I did not want to shower, I didn't want to leave the house.

Kamene Goro opened up about her first break-up during the morning kiss show with her co-host jalang'o.

Kemene thought that she couldn't live without her first boyfriend since it was her first experience with love.

"The last person I thought I could not live without must have been my first boyfriend.it was my  first experience with love,We broke up twice,and made up before the final break,"kamene shared.

Kamene was at a point of neglecting herself.she used not to eat,not taking shower and she couldn't leave the houy.

"I could feel the pain in my heart,I used not to eat.I did not want to shower,I didn't want to leave the house and don't talk anymore..just crying,thinkt it's the end of the world.look at me now."

However, Kamene overcame the pain of parting ways when the boyfriend came for another chance she was brave enough to say no.

"The last time I saw him he was like we should hook-up.I said no am out of your League,"she recalled.

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