Martha Koome Becomes The First Female Chief Justice Of Kenya After Parliament Approved Her


President Uhuru Kenyatta some minutes ago have managed to formally appoint Justice Martha Karambu Koome as the current Chief Justice Of The Republic Of Kenya.

This happens after Justice Martha Koome had recently went through different interviews which she had clearly showed all her interested and she was considered the best among all passing the steps one by one to another.

And now the National Assembly had just approved the nomination of Justice Martha Koome as the Chief Justice and now the only big step that was still pending is just the conculed view of the president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta.

Now after passing through all this steps and now being considered as the current Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya Koome becomes the first Female to occupy the high office at the Judiciary.Anyway what are you thoughts about Martha Koome big approved for the seat? Use the comments box section below to share them and do not forget to follow me for more updates.