Video: VIO Officer Slaps An Elderly Driver In Lagos


In a world where we have different people with very diverse personalities it is good you respect people who you know and those who you don't also know, the reason for this is that you never can tell what might put you in trouble.

Time and time again power intoxicates those who wield it, because of the little power some people have, they might make mistakes that may be fatal to their lives or probably step on the toes of more powerful people who are humble.

A video surfaced online showing a VIO officer who slapped a cab driver for reasons best known to him, it was not a good site but most of the event was captured in a video by the woman who hired the cab.

After the driver was slapped by the VIO officer, the woman who ordered the cab didn't just remain silent, she immediately confronted the VIO officer and repeatedly asked him why he slapped her driver, taking into consideration the fact that the driver looked elderly.

Watch video

Aside from the video of the incident, the woman went further to narrate the story on Facebook knows which she is known as Akinnuoye Temitope, read her story below.

At the end of the story she identified the cab driver as Mr. Ezekiel, what can you say about this story?