4 Things That Create A Barrier Between You And God

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There are many things we do that create barriers between us and God. It is a very dangerous thing to create those barriers and we need to destroy them immediately we noticed them. However, there are four things that create barriers between you and God:

1. Haughtiness

When you don't have respect for God, the house of God, and even a moral lifestyle; you are building a barrier between you and God. If you are haughty in your life, you don't hear words; you don't read your Bible, you don't listen to your preacher, it is the barrier between you and God. You need to be careful.

2. Hypocrisy

You act as if there's no God and remain in your sin. You know the way but you abandon it. You know the right but you do the wrong. You know the direction to go but you go the opposite direction and you act as if you never read the Bible; you act as if you never went to church. You are creating a strong barrier between yourself and God.

3. Hatred

Why should you hate the people of God and also the worship of God?. You hate the truth; you hate the light and you hate everything that God has set for your salvation. That will bring a barrier between you and God.

4. Hardness of Heart

You have been hearing the word of Salvation but you refused to give your life totally to Christ. You harden your heart and you act as if you don't care about the Gospel of salvation. The things you need to do, you refused to do them. You are creating a barrier between yourself and God.

In conclusion, are there barriers that you have created between you and God? you need to break them today. Give your life to Christ and embrace humility, honesty, and holiness. God will help you in Jesus' name.

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