How to make a rechargeable blender from Coca-Cola can.


In this article we are going to learn how to make a simple blender from scratch materials which you can find from old housed hold items. The blender is powered by 5v from a power bank via a USB cable. This project is absolutely good for beginners in engineering.

Materials needed.

1. One can malt.

2. Old plastic bottle.

3. 3v-5v DC motor.

4.iron scrap

5. Rubber

6.bottle cover.


Tools needed.

1. Hot gun

2.soldering iron

3.solder lead.



Now let's go straight to our job.

1.cut the can malt into two equal halves by means of a scissors.

2. Insert one of the halves into the other and make sure it fits inside.

 3.Get a transparent bottle like the one in the image Below.

4.Make an hole on the cover of the transparent bottle and glue the DC motor to it with it shaft pointing out and free to spin.

5.Cut out the below part of the transparent bottle and cut it that it can fit inside the bottle.

6.Make the blade by cutting out from metal scraps like aluminum or roofing sheets and attach it to the shaft of the DC motor.

7. Glue the red cover with the motor to the can malt by means of an hot glue gum.

8. Connect the motor to the switch and the cable as shown in the image below.


You can click here for Vedio demonstrations.

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