The three realities of Life


There are three stages in life that one must go through in life as long as he/she is still alive.

1. At teen age.

At this stage ,it's always being referred to as the delicate educated youths have great time and more energy but no money.

At this age...the rate of unemployment is also high and youths tend to involve in several unclean activities i.e drug abuse ,crimes e.t.c

This stage needs alot of care to the youths....

2. The working age.

Here majority have more energy,alot of money but limited time since they aspire to achieve more . At this stage,they are stressed up and they work so hard.

3. Lastly the Old age stage.

At this stage ,the old tend to seek more attention from the working age group to look after them. The old have money,time but no energy to work.

Be sure to go through this three stages of life incase you are still young.... don't forget to share and comment below.


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