Jabu pule is fighting hard for his life

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One of our football legends has been in an accident this week that has put his life in danger. 

A lot of people we look up to have died, even though Jabu Pule is still alive. This is a bad day for me.

Human decency, which is what I think we've lost a lot of, has also gone away from the people who still have it.

Describe someone who is known for going naked and having children without being married. This person is known for this. 

I just don't understand why people with good morals and respect are fighting for their lives in hospitals, when so many celebrities are having problems of their own. 

There are people who are used to having a lot of money, and there are people who are used to having a lot of money and living in luxury. 

As a result of being in this accident, some marriage problems have gotten worse because of it. 

Some people are depressed, and others are going through divorce. 

Share what you think is behind celebrities having more suicidal thoughts below.

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