Uhuru in Hot Soup, Jimmy Wanjigi Reveals the Sealed and Packed Information Behind His Succession

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Businessman, Jimmy Wanjigi has revealed the secret behind the Uhuru Raila handshake. Wanjigi who boasts of a business empire is among the front runner in the next elections.

However Wanjigi reveals that Uhuru is yet to extend his tenure in office through Raila. Raila who receives the backing of the president is enjoying the government opportunities. He is part of the government.

Wanjigi hinted that the president is to extend the tenure in office. That is why he is installing Raila as his aid. This is the sad news to Kenyans who feel that there is a hidden agenda behind the duo.

"Uhuru is trying to extend his tenure and this is unacceptable," says Wanjigi. Kenyans are tired of high cost of living. The president should finish his term and hand over power to the electorates to decide on their own. Kenyans now are elites. It's a democratic right to solve their own problems.

Raila is the suitable candidate according to president and his view cannot be given priority. There are issues which are concerning Kenyans now and need to be tackled with immediate effect. The high cost of living which renders many in danger of starvation. Prices of commodities are inflated in order to pay loans.

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