After a group of guys cross-dressed to women's night party, check out what happened next


"Wonder they say, never cease!

I was just scrolling through my Facebook new feed when I came across an hilarious post about a group of friends that cross- dressed to a night party organised for bachelorette only

According to the post, the party was organised for ladies only, but some group of guys decided to attend the party and the only way they could get access into the venue was to dress like girls so they did.

According to the post, after they got access into the venue, they mingled with the bachelorettes but after an hour plus, they were noticed. After they were noticed, the event turned into a comedy show as the ladies boasted into laughter.

Their hidden identity were exposed and the bachelorette were amused. More photos of the cross- dresser

Checkout the real identity of the guys

Most guys are girl's look alike when cross dressed

What do you think about this set of guys?


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