Kalonzo & Ruto Scores High In 2022 Backing, Raila's Key Factor To Rally His Support Base Is Alleged


Presidential elections in Kenya are highly dependent on the regional votes and those interested in running for the state house race should be ensure his people backs him.

In a statistical analysis done by Lawyer Ahmednasir has revealed that two leaders have great backing by their communities.

The veteran Lawyer says Only Ruto and Kalonzo Musyoka has 99 percent backing from their tribes as Mudavadi garners 7% and Uhuru Kenyatta scores 8% while Raila's will solely depend on the incumbent endorsement.

"Of the BIG 5 only 2 communities are solidly (99%) behind a single tribal chieftain. Kambas behind Kalonzo. Kales behind Ruto. Mudavadi has about 7% of Luhya, H.E UHURU has about 8% of Central. Gideon has 0.111% of Kales. Luos are yet to decide, waiting if Uhuru says Baba Tosha!" Ahmednasir

This Gives Ruto the upper hand in the contest and might end up winning the succession politics and taking over from his boss.

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