I Killed or deformed every lady who rejected my proposal or friendship – Ex wizard


A former wizard has given a chilling encounter of some of his occultic activities. Without hesitation, he said when he returned from the sea world onto the earth, he continued his usual business and after a period of two weeks, he went back to the sea world. 

The Queen of the Coast gave him what she called her first assignment. What the queen instructed her to do was something he never thought of. When she went to the premises of the queen, she said unto me “go back to your village and kill your uncle.”

Now his uncle was a prominent and powerful native doctor in the village. Of all native doctors in the town, none had power than his uncle. 

Well, he obeyed and went to the village but because he had not killed anyone before, he lost courage to kill his uncle. Rather, he destroyed his medicines and rendered him powerless.

Almost every customer of his who came to consult him for anything was unsuccessful after his nephew rendered him powerless. Due to this act he, his uncle lost all his customers till this date. 

So, he went back to the sea world to give a report of what he did. In his words, he said “when I arrived, the queen of the coast was very angry with me. She told me that the consequences of disobeying her instructions was death, but because of her love for me she would send me back to the same village to kill two elders.”

The man further narrated that he could not tell if the new instruction that the queen of the coast had given to him was a punishment for disobeying her or not. However, he obeyed and went back to the village and managed to kill the elders, and transported their blood to the Queen of the coast in the sea world.

He continued that as a result of the mysterious circumstances of their death, some elders in the village went to inquire from another powerful native doctor who normally sent lightning to investigate the killer.

Unfortunately for those men, the former wizard met the native doctor in spirit when he was consulting with the spirits and warned him not to say anything if he ever loved his life. 

Due to this, the native doctor told the elders to go home and beg one of their sons whom they had offended and never mentioned his name. Now, he had realized that he had gotten supernatural power and most often wanted to exercise it. So most often, he tried to approach females.

Any female who ignored his proposal, he deformed her through accident or sickness. Any other who rejected his friendship was killed or deformed through sickness. Anyone female he called that snubbed him was also killed or deformed.

In his own words, he said “I deforned a lot of females not because I loved sex but because I was full of power and just wanted a play-ground to exercise my new mandate.”

He therefore urged females to be respective and submissive whenever someone approaches them, be it a man or woman.

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