Ken Mijungu Thrown Into Deep Mourning After Losing His Sister


Ken Mijungu is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya.He is known for his boldness while undertaking his duties

He rose to the pick of his career while he was at Nation Media.It was so sad that he was later rentrenched from his top position.He later took a cold seat and continued with his private businesses.

The year stated on a good note for him after he got a new position at KTN but from the look of things the year is taking a bad direction after lossing his baby sister.

He moved to his Instagram page and broke the sad news to his fan.From the vedio they are seen having fan with his younger sister who seems so healthy and happy.

He has not revealed the cause of the death but all in all we wish the family peace and love from God during this difficult time in their lives.

Wish them well.