Limpopo: Residents Plan To Close Down Initiation School Where An 8 Years Boy Died See Here

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The tearful mother and grandmother of eight-year-old Thabang Sedutla, who died at the Limpopo koma (initiation) school on Tuesday, wants the owner of the school to pay.

Initiation school is very important to the African people this is because it is common practice to every African tribe and now when we are now living in a modernized society this practice is still being done .

Young boys will around winter season go to the initiation School where they will also be taught about respect and other ways to become manhood that old different principles and a ways to live with other people.

Below are comment made by people.

Listening to the news and a 6 year old has died at an initiation school.

We need to start having honest, informative conversations

Sending a 6 year old to initiation school is definitely not an informed decision.

A lot of urban and Christian Bapedi have questioned the relevance of initiation schools (koma) in the present day, some are even convinced that it can simply be replaced by medical circumcision ignoring the spiritual and deeply cultural importance of the ritual itself.

{2} Koma ya Sepedi marks a rite of passage in every young boy/girl from childhood to adulthood. It is only upon returning from the innition school that a person is awarded an adulthood name (leina la bogolo le sereto) and certain privileges are also conferred on the individual


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